In our store we specialise in repairs and custom set ups.We fix all types of guitars, both electric and acoustic.

We have one of Ireland’s leading guitar techs as well as an experienced electronics engineer.. We guarantee all work and will even fix broken guitar necks and missing heads..!


Why not give us a call and see how much it’ll cost to get that guitar back up and running, saving you a fortune..!


Repair Costs

Guitar Setup

(was €30)
Now Only €15

Bass Setup

(Was €55)
Now Only €35

Acoustic and Electric setup includes:

  • New strings
  • Cleaning and conditioning of fretboard and frets
  • Lubricating pots and switches and pickup heights correction
  • Intonation and adjustment of saddle heights and truss rod.
  • Any other problems I come across as well!

New Bone nut cut and fitted


Floyd Rose Systems


Pickup Installation

(First Pickup)

Additional Pickup Installation

(On Same Guitar)

New Pots

(Per item, Fitted)

New Jack

(Per item, Fitted)

Machine Head Replacement

From €20

Broken Headstock

From €30

Fret Levelling and Replacement Service


We also repair and setup banjo’s, mandolins, violins, Ukuleles and basically anything with strings.

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