Martin Guitars MA-180S Authentic Acoustic Set (12 string)


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In the fall of 2018, Martin replaced their Traditional Budget range of Bronze Guitar Strings with this new Authentic line which is based on their premium SP range.
Designed with the performer in mind, Martin Authentic strings begin with the highest tensile-strength core wire which is tin plated to stop corrosion. The core is then wrapped with the highest quality 80/20 bronze to bring you sweet highs and clear basses. These strings move you out of the budget range with a product made for pros.

Higher strength core with premium materials. Also available in Phosphor Bronze and Lifespan versions
Ball End
Excellent tuning stability
Engineered to resist corrosion
Great playability
Made in Mexico
Making Guitar Strings since the 1970’s

Martin Guitars MA-180S Authentic Acoustic Set (12 string)
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