T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic


Usually you buy pedals one at a time, but sooner or later the question arises: How to feed? Batteries are always empty (expensive and environmentally friendly, they are not) – and the power strip with 5 wall warts also does not look really sexy on the pedalboot. For guitarists who love their colourful kickers and therefore always want to have them around, the Fuel Tank Classic is just the answer.

Not less than 8 (eight) 9V outputs provide a total of 500 mA and a 12V AC and 12V DC output for the most exotic of power guzzlers; that should leave you well equipped!

Included are 18 DC cables of different sizes. Excellent solution for most pedalboots at a fair price!

With 8x 9V/DC (not isolated), 1x 12V/DC (isolated) and 1x 12V/AC (isolated) outputs at either 110 or 230 volt input
Total output 1500 mA
Incl. Mains power cable, 1x red 50 cm DC cable with 2.1mm-2.5 mm, 1x blue 50 cm AC cable with 2.5 mm-2.5 mm plug for 12V AC output port, 1x black link cable 5 2.1 mm – 2.1 mm plug – 1x black 50 cm DC cable with 2.1 mm DC – 3.5 mm jack – 4x Black 50cm DC cable with 2.1 mm-2.1 mm plug and 4x black 20 cm DC cable with 2.1 mm – 2.1 mm plug on the 12V AC output port

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