Takamine P1NC NEX Electro Acoustic, Natural


The Takamine P1NC NEX Electro Acoustic is a Japanese crafted, Pro Series guitar that is designed to meet the demands of gigging musicians. This workhorse offers everything from smooth, sumptuous playability to astonishing amplification, from immaculate intonation to easy string changes, and yet it still retains all those beautiful, understated details that make for a dazzling acoustic. Its gorgeous natural finish showcases the solid cedar top in all its glory, whilst a minimal soundhole rosette and pickguard adorn it exquisitely.

Dive into a sea of rich, warm, wonderfully clear tones, and experience the magnificence that comes with such an organic acoustic sound. You’ll have the kind of tonal quality that thrives with fingerpicking styles, granting you sparkle with every note. And when it’s time to take to the stage, do so fearlessly. The CT4B II preamp system will give you the means to sculpt your tone with complete precision, shaping it until it is unique and amplifying it until it captivates your audience. Heavenly tonal goodness. At your fingertips.

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